May 1, 2021

We are so excited to see you in-person for the 10th Annual SPEAK Walk! This year the SPEAK Walk will be held in-person at Carmichael Park.
SPEAK starts with a week of educational activities with students and will culminate with a walk on May 1st, 2021. The walk helps bring awareness to the severity of teen suicide while also working to educate the community and break down the stigmas which surround mental illness.
Registration includes a swag bag with a SPEAK sign, t-shirt and mask which participants can pick up the day of the walk.
*Proceeds from this event will go towards future SPEAK projects
Adults $20 Students $15
Please help us celebrate this important event and keep everyone safe by practicing these important guidelines:
There is no onsite registration this year. Every attendee must pre-register online.
Please arrive 15 minutes before your walk time (no earlier, no later).
Upon arrival there will be clearly labeled check in stations, organized by last name. If you opted to pay at the event during registration, only cash or check will be accepted.
Once you check-in at the booth and receive your swag bag, please follow signage to begin your walk.
We ask that parties remain together from the time they arrive until the time they leave, and that they practice social distancing from other attendees/parties.
Please note: There will be only one water station along the route, please plan accordingly.
Masks must be worn at ALL times, including during the walk, and should only be removed for drinking and eating.
While interacting with our staff and volunteers, masks must always be worn.
If you are sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.
If you have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 (generally within 6 feet at least 15 minutes, depending on the level of exposure) please stay home.
We ask that all parties arrive 15 minutes before their designated walk time.
We ask that everyone adhere to social distancing guidelines and keep a distance of at least 6 ft. between groups while checking in.
We ask that everyone utilize our hand sanitizer dispenser before interacting at the check in booths.
ask that Upon finishing the walk, you will be given a sign to write on and place on our Path of Hope. Once you complete this activity, please follow signs to exit. We ask that all parties leave the park the same as they entered the walk, as a group.
There will be an ice cream truck available (for purchase). Please do not visit this truck before your walk. Please do so on your way out. If you choose to stay at the park, please stay with your party and practice social distancing in the south east grass area of the park.
**Those not following COVID-19 safety protocols will be asked to leave the park. 


april 26
11:00 am Or 6:00 pm
speak video
speak booklet
anonymous letter exchange
paper plate message
hand mural
parent guide video
april 30
drive in movie 8:00 pm
qpr class in partnership with the pennock center for counseling
Gatekeeper resources can be found here
Resources for survivors can be here
SPEAK 2021 Video click here 
kickoff speak week by watching this year's speak video which aims to illustrate that we are not alone in this unique and difficult year.
virtual booklet click here
the virtual booklet includes speak schedule, warning signs of suicide, mental health resources and inspirational messages.
one positive letter
students are encouraged to write one positive letter written anonymously & addressed to an anonymous recipient. turn in a letter and get one in return.
paper plate passing 
students will write their name and decorate a paper plate to be passed around to others to write a compliment about them or a meaningful memory they have with them.
mural of mental struggles
a large mural of a hand made of smaller hands with personalized notes of mental health struggles individuals have experienced.
video for adults click here
an interview-style video put together by the byc. in the video both teen & adults answer vulnerable questions regarding mental health.
Wear Yellow Day 
yellow is the suicide prevention color. please join us in wearing yellow to spread awareness and break down stigmas of mental health.
friday pm- inside out screening 
join us for a drive-in movie friday to view the movie inside out. it is a family friendly movie about emotions and how they affect us. length 1 hr 42 minutes.
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