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2024 SPEAK Week

speak video
2024 SPEAK Video 
kickoff speak week by watching this year's speak video.
april 29
10:00 AM
brighton City Hall
6:00 PM
brighton city hall
qpr training 
The qpr mission is to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing innovative, practical and proven suicide prevention training.

Gatekeeper resources can be found here

Resources for survivors can be here
may 1
6:00 pM
brighton City Hall
breathing exercises
breathing techniques 
scripted breathing exercises to practice connecting to your breath in order to help you when you are feeling stressed and/or anxious. 
no rain, no flowers
no rain.jpg
no rain, no flowers activity
print out the No Rain, no flowers activity. write something that makes you happy on each petal of the flower. then, write something that can weigh you down on the raindrop.
if doing the activity as a group, create a garden with the flowers and raindrops. display this somewhere you can see it to remind yourself to push through hard times- because without rain there is no flowers.
may 3rd
Wear Yellow Day 
yellow is the suicide prevention color. please join us in wearing yellow to spread awareness and break down stigmas of mental health.
may 4th
Speak walk
join us on our journey to save lives! our annual speak walk starting in carmichael park at 7:15 pm.
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